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 STERILE FLUIDS ENGINEERING & KNOW HOW                                        

In the past we actively participated in the implementation, design, procurement, construction and startup of various IV fluids facilities including Know how and technological transfer, with personnel training and technical as well as Pharmaceutical Know How assistance for new facilities build in North Africa, Middle East and Far East.

Including sales and marketing introducing in the first phase new products to the markets, while transitioning to locally manufactured products.

Today we provide engineering and know-how for IV facilities up grades, as well as technical assistance in the design specifications and main equipment selection based on the market needs.

Personnel training and regulatory assistance in preparation of registrations files for selected IV solutions.

Sales and Marketing, assistance in market assessment to decided which products should be considered viable for the new project and demanded by the local or export markets. 

Our experience is in soft bags in PP (polyolefins), for this we concentrated our efforts to develop and build our own equipment’s for automated production of PP bags as well as IV’s filling machines



We design and build automated welding lines for production of IV solutions bags, including technical assistance to our customers in the selection of the plastic container based on the product to be filled in the same.
Automatic thermo welding lines designed to manufacture IV (intra venous) bags in PP “Polyolefin” materials (PVC Free) for the pharmaceutical industry in the IV solution, to be filled automatically or semi automatically and suitable to be sterilized after filling at 121°C.
In addition, we design and build semi-automatic filling machines for IV solutions suitable for PP as well as PVC flexible bags.
It is also possible to supply the full production line, with bag forming, filling and sealing totally automated.
Thanks to our many years of experience in the construction of equipment in this product line, it gives us the possibility to offer reliable machines, with an “on line” support for technical assistance as well as remote software updates, without the need to send our engineers for the technical assistance.
All mechatronic components and devices are commercially available, and thus to facilitate the customers in sourcing the spare parts directly from the local market, and reduce maintenance and operating costs of our lines. 
Our thermo welding lines can manufacture small volume bags, 100/250/500 ml or 500/1000 ml bags, with possibility to expand volume up to 2000/3000 ml bags.
The machine can be equipped with different types of printers, based on the customer’s needs, we can supply hot stamping printers of our production, and alternatively we can integrate the printers requested by our customers.
In compliance with GMP rules our machines are designed to be installed in Class “D” – ISO 8 – Class 100’000 clean rooms.
The machine is suitable to work with 190-250 microns PP films, double wound films are required. Bags are made 2 at the time, once the bags are formed, the same are separated without any scrap to be removed and this is reducing the waste below 2 % in production.
The machine can process most of the PP films available for IV’s production from major PP films suppliers.
The tubing’s used are supplied on reels, and are cut to length during production, depending on the bag’s requirements. The standard size of the tube is 6,2 x 8,2 mm, but it may vary depending on customer’s needs.


CAPD - Peritoneal Dialysis

Single as well as double chamber bags (weak seal bags) can be manufactured.

PD delivery systems and PD accessories are part of our portfolio as well